9 month photo shoot

In March we had Sunny Jones take some 9 months pictures of Christopher and I'm so glad we decided to do this! Sunny went to Briarwood with Chris and she and I have known each other for a while just through mutual acquaintances. Sunny was SO easy to work with that even Chris's response when we got in the car was  "that was fun". She is also very talented. I love that her photos aren't too "photoshopped" but they are perfectly edited. Can't wait to contact her again for some 1 year pics.

We met her in Mt Laurel and it was exactly what I had in my mind. While I love a studio shoot, I wanted some good family photos too and felt this would be a little more natural for us all.

New York State of Mind..

To celebrate Chris's 30th birthday in December, we decided to take a trip to New York just the two of us. It was wonderful to spend some quality time together. We are so thankful that our parents were willing and able to watch Christopher so we could have a weekend away!
Let me start by admitting that I love to plan a trip-to a fault sometimes. I am usually so focused on making sure we have time to do all the things we want to that I deny us the opportunity to relax or stumble upon some neat new place.  Although I admire those that can just go on a whim, it is not in my nature to do so.
In my opinion, there are pros and cons to both travel styles. And this trip (since we have already been to NYC together) I tried to take it easy on Chris. We love good food and I think it's one of the best ways to learn about and enjoy a city. So, I made some lunch and dinner reservations and gave us the time in between meals to wander, hop in and out of a bar or two or three, and just enjoy spending time together.

Grand Central Oyster Bar

 9/11 Memorial

 Brooklyn Bridge

 Brunch at Pastis

 Snow before breakfast

 30 minutes later...

 Tiger Walk before the Heisman!

 Tre Mason!

 Crazy snow at Rockefeller Center

Champagne Bar at The Plaza

Cheers to 30 babe! It will be a wonderful year for you-the best is yet to come! Thanks for being my travel buddy.

Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, SNOW!

I'm one of the guilty persons that wished for snow.Well, the last 36 hours came back to bite all of us in the tush, didn't it?!
Thankfully, all of my friends and family were safe and accounted for; though some did have to spend the night and day away from home. My mom was stuck at her office, my brother had to abandon his car on Rocky Ridge because traffic was at such a standstill, my step-dad slept at his office, and a few others were stranded for at least most of the day yesterday.
I am SO grateful that Christopher and I were safe and sound at home, and that Chris made it to Carlowville (to hunt) safely also.
My heart goes out to everyone that had to spend the night away from their baby or loved ones. Those that made 6+ mile treks to get to safety or heat, or their children...bless them! We just weren't prepared. And there was no way we could have been. There is not a person on this earth that can predict a perfect forecast. I think things like this happen sometimes to give us a renewed sense in humanity. I can't tell you how many stories I read about strangers helping strangers. People opening their homes, cars, kitchens, pushing cars, pulling cars, giving away shoes and jackets because they had a shorter walk than the person next to them, the schools and teachers- caring for those children overnight, hospital staff that have worked 4+ shifts, I could go on and on.
It just gets scary when you don't have the equipment and preparation needed for weather like that.
Prayers going out to all of those that aided in the rescues, and any that are suffering due to complications from the weather!

We managed to enjoy a little bit of the snow though..

And then I got stir crazy from being inside so much and made:
  • a pair of pants for Christopher (not finished yet!)
and about 2 weeks worth of baby food for C. Apples and peaches!

  • made a weeks worth of mini egg quiche for myself
  • Tomorrow if it reaches even one degree above freezing we are going on a walk.